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Reduce Bullying in Your Schools

The Bully Standard That Will Reduce Bullying in Your Schools


1) General

The adoption of an Anti-Bullying Program should be a strategic decision of an organization. The implementation our Anti-Bullying Program should be influenced by:

a) school environment, changes in the legal aspects to programs, and the risks associated with not implementing an Anti-Bully Program

b) needs,

c) objectives,

d) the size and organizational structure of the school.

This Standard is used by internal and external parties, to assess the organization’s ability to meet, statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the Anti-Bullying Programs of the school.

2) Process approach

Our standard promotes the adoption of a process approach when developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of an Anti-Bullying Program. For a school to function safely and effectively, it has to determine and manage numerous activities. The activities associated with an effective Anti-Bullying Program must be on going and continually monitored. We very often see a school that will attempt to institute a program and do not understand how an output from one process directly affects the inputs of other processes. The system of processes within a school has to be monitored by management to insure they are meeting the desired outcome. With the process approach management shall understand how important they:

a) Understand the requirement(s)

b) Understand the performance and effectiveness of a process

c) Understand the importance of continual improvement

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