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Meet The Staff

William (Bud) M. Collier, MAS – Board Director

William Collier is an owner and Board Director for “I’m Bully Free,” which is a 501(c)(3) Veteran-Managed Non-Profit Organization with over 25 years of combined experience in all aspects of Emergency Management for schools, youth programs and communities. This expertise includes providing School Districts with Emergency Planning Evaluations and to build their capacity to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from an incident.

A few of the many achievements and recognitions for I’m Bully Free was the creation and implementation of two CCISD major exercises, one of the two exercise involved training with first responders and other community partners on how to implement their school district emergency management plans. Recently we have completed the emergency assessment of the Dickinson Independent School District (DISD) and the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), Houston Campus.

I’m Bully Free is spearheading a new initiative which involves an anti-bullying campaign in the schools.  We are currently working with the Dickinson TX and NASA Little Leagues to increase the awareness of bullying.  I’m Bully Free has donated $50,000 worth of sports cards to help stamp out bullying in conjunction with opening day ceremonies at the Little League Events.  This program is going to have a major impact on this problem.

William has previously worked for Bastion Technologies Inc. and was a subcontractor for Wyle Integrated Sciences.  His primary responsibility was to serve as the Quality Management Representative for two divisions of NASA and serve as an ISO Coordinator for Wyle. He supported the Bioastronautics Contract for NASA by preparing personnel for internal and external AS9100, ISO 9001and EMS 14001 audits.

William served as the Emergency Disaster Coordinator for the Human Factors Division at NASA.  He was responsible for the configuration management of the documents that give guidance to all employees during emergencies. He was responsible for the configuration management of 10 separate checklists that give the lab managers guidance when the lab and personnel have to be evacuated.  He was responsible for the coordination of all the exercises that are conducted on NASA properties annually that affect the Human Factors Division.

He assisted the Safety Department of Wyle by developing Health and Safety Programs.  He coordinated actives for the Voluntary VVP Volunteer Protection Program (VPP) Safety representative for Wyle. Wyle has been VPP certified since 2004. The Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) promotes effective worksite-based safety and health.

From 1996 – 2003 he had the privilege of working and training the Astronauts for NASA.  He served as an Aerospace Physiologist and a dive technician. Imagine going to work every day and training the finest pioneers in the world, our US Astronauts.  His work included preparing the crews for future space flights while they trained in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab at NASA.  He was personally involved with the training of the crews for every space walk that occurred during this time period.

During this same time period he worked with the Student in Space program at NASA where he served as an instructor and medical observer on the Zero G Bird. The students received a intensive course on the hazards of high altitude flight.  Students designed an experiment that was flown and observed in the zero gravity environments.  The students then published their finding in journals, periodical, and newspapers.  Some of the noteworthy students that he personally trained included former Astronaut Charles Conrad, TV star Hugh Downs, and news anchor Ann Curry.

Additionally, William serves as an Adjunct Instructor for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University at the Houston Texas campus.  He has been teaching for approximately 3 years.  He was recognized as Instructor of the Year for 2008 and 2009.

Ronald C. Moomaw, D.O. – Director of Psychiatry

Dr. Moomaw is a NASA Flight Surgeon/Psychiatrist at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston.  He began work at NASA in 2009 with a broad scope of duties dedicated to long duration manned space flight.  Duties at JSC include: Lead Psychiatrist for NASA outpatient Behavioral Health, support for shuttle and ISS crews and family, ground support and operational  personnel, as well as administrative and research duties. Currently he is chairman of the ethics committee for Space Medicine, developing and instituting the integrated electronic medical record for Behavioral Health and Performance.  He is  developing employee education and awareness of work stress, depression and suicide awareness and prevention.  He provides education and support for Bay Area Turning point-shelter for families that are victims of violence.  He is a newly elected delegate for the Houston area to the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association serving on the military and veterans committee.

Dr. Moomaw Graduated from Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, completed his residency in Psychiatry in a combined civilian/military program at Wright State University and Wright Patterson AFB.  He is Board Certification in Psychiatry, 25 years in private practice, certification as a USAF Flight Surgeon, was assigned to teaching staff at Wilford Hall in San Antonio TX after completing residency training. He is an assistant professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston Texas.

He has held positions of Medical Director of the Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation at Lackland AFB, Medical Director for the Doctors Hospital System in Columbus Ohio.  He developed and staffed a 19 bed inpatient psychiatric treatment ward at the hospital while providing psychiatric services and teaching.  At Doctors Hospital he served as Department Chairman of Neurosciences at Doctors Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.  For more that a decade he was Medical Director at NetCare/Access in Columbus Ohio, where he was Medical Director, instrumental in converting a community mental health center into two freestanding  24 hour psychiatric emergency rooms. Other positions include Assistant Medical Director with United Health Care. He served as the chief psychiatrist for the state of Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction for eight years, where his responsibilities included oversight of all psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers and other mental health care providers that provide services to 32 institutions, 51,000 inmates and a $11 million budget for psychiatric medication. In fiscal year 2007-2008 he instituted changes that saved the state over 1 million dollars without decreasing services.

Dr. Moomaw sits on the governing board of The National Commission on Correctional Health Care, representing the American College of Neuropsychiatrists, responsible for inspections, education, certification and standards for most of the jails and penitentiaries in the United States.  He is a board member of the Ohio University college of Osteopathic Medicine alumni board. Dr. Moomaw is cofounder and coauthor of Neuro Behavioral Systems, a learning and training paradigm using structured behavioral training for treatment of Insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety.

J Scott Savage, DO, FACEP, FACHE, FSCP, FAPWCA, FAIHQ – Medical Director

Dr. Savage is a military residency-trained emergency physician and flight surgeon. He is a former member of SWAT team, and has worked extensively in law enforcement medicine, and is one of only about 30 Fellows of the Society of Correctional Physicians. He has served as the Assistant Medical Director of the Department of Corrections for the State of Michigan, and the Acting Medical Director for the Ohio Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a Fellow of the American Institute of Healthcare Quality. He holds faculty appointments in emergency medicine, internal medicine, and preventive medicine. He has spoken both nationally and internationally on violence prevention and management.

Beginning as a private in the US Army, he eventually rose to the rank of Major, and has received several medals and honors, including the Air Force Meritorious Service Medal, and the US Public Health Director’s Award, which was personally presented to him by the US Surgeon General.

Camille Shea, Ph.D. – Director of Psychology

Camille Shea, Ph.D. is a licensed Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Shea holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in forensic specialization. Currently, she works at Universities Space Research Association as the Behavioral Health & Performance Program Manager. Dr. Shea serves as the Element Scientist for the Behavioral Health & Performance Element of the Human Research Program at NASA/JSC. She has worked as a consultant for more than a decade providing feedback for behavior modification as well as conducting best practices seminars for businesses.

Prior to her work for NASA, Dr. Shea gained extensive experience providing psychological and neuropsychological assessment and has provided individual and group therapy to victims of bullying. She also has experience training professionals including HPD, CPS, APS, Medical and Legal personnel, and School professionals, in recognizing signs and symptoms of distress and actions they can and should take when encountering victimization. Her personal experiences have empassioned and convinced her of the need for all individuals in both public and private organizations to be equipped to recognize and respond appropriately to perpetrators and victims of bullying behavior.

Billy J. Enochs, MBA, MPH – Director of Business Development and Marketing

Billy started his professional career by joining the United States Air Force upon graduating from High School. He left active duty at the end of the first Gulf War to pursue a college education but his sense of duty to serve his country led him to joining the Texas Air National Guard as a Traditional Guardsmen. He currently serves at the Chief of the Public Health Office for the 147th Medical Group under the 147th Reconnaissance Wing at Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base, located in Houston, Texas. He has a total of 13 years of military service, has achieved the rank of Major and has earned 15 awards and decorations.

In 2002, after spending almost 10 years at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in support of our country’s Space Shuttle Program, Billy’s passion to utilize his skills in the development and service of others led him to form 4 Corners Management Group, L.L.C. (4 Corners), a journey that has allowed him to collectively utilize his diverse educational and work background in effectively coaching and driving performance in both front-line and senior-level leaders as well as giving back to the community/school districts in a variety of ways.

Shortly after forming the company, a local YMCA was in desperate need of a company to start up a food facility that could serve the dual purpose of providing cost effective and healthy food for it’s adult members as well as an afterschool/summer camp food program for it’s school aged students. After just one year, 4 Corners implemented a complete food program that was operating in the black, managed by local high school students, and turned it over to the YMCA to sustain. 4 Corners has also worked with several school districts in such areas as: Simulated Anthrax exercises, Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery Program Gap Analysis, Mentoring Programs, Doing Business Facilitations for Alternative Schools, Bully Free Campaigns, and more.

In 2006, Billy began consulting for RLG International (RLG), a consulting firm headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. This role has taken Billy all over North America to include the frozen tundra of Alaska’s North Slope and out into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. After the completion of his first project in Alaska, Billy was recognized as the 2006 Oil and Gas Rookie of the Year. He has also been recognized for his people skills and ability to forge strong relationships with both his clients and co-workers. Billy is on his 5th project at RLG where he is currently working with the Senior VP of a Fortune 100 company to improve their Operational and Safety Performance while driving down their field level expenses. Each of the 4 projects completed by Billy have received consideration for a Best of the Best (BoB) nomination with one leading to a BoB nomination in 2007.

In May 2011, Billy was elected to serve on the Friendswood City Council. He is now in his first year of a three year term. Billy is a native Texan and he and his wife Robin currently reside in Friendswood, Texas. They have 4 daughters and 1 grandson.

Michael Hill, Director of Security Management and Infrastructure

Michael Hill is a veteran of the military service, serving his country starting from high school in the Air Force Junior ROTC to the U.S. Navy (Aviation Ordnance) and the U.S. Army (Infantry) from 1997 – 2006. While in the Army, his unit was assigned to Operation Iraqi Freedom 2004/2005 campaign while receiving a Bronze Star Medal for support above and beyond the call of duty. He is a former security contractor working anti-piracy in Somalia, and currently providing security as a Personal Protection Officer (PPO), Private Investigator (PI), and Natural Disaster Relief Team Member. He has also worked in the oil industry as a Subsea Controls Technician in Gulf of Mexico, 3 countries of Africa and Perth, Australia for 5 years

He is a current member of the Wounded Warrior Program (Alumni), Madison’s Who’s Who, and American Legion. He attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (BS Professional Aeronautics / Securities Intelligence) and Detective Training Institute out of California.

After graduating Compton Senior High, he worked for U.S. Customs as an intern inspector at the Mexico/U.S. border, Seaport, and assigned to the Contraband Enforcement Team in Long Beach California. He also served as a Military Science Instructor with the California Cadet Corp teaching elementary and junior high school students the finer arts of structure, value, and leadership principles.